Very special apparel for praying

Individual design dresses

Each YAND dress is a one of a kind custom-tailored relic. Designing such a dress, selecting appropriate fabric and decorating it may take up to three months. Only for the result to exceed your expectations: YAND dresses look truly festive and they are worthy of becoming heirlooms.

Main and essential dress for every Muslim woman

Namaz is one of the most important religious behests in Islam. According to the Quran, namaz dresses must completely cover the body, leaving only the face and hands naked. Prayer dresses can be found in halal shops and mosques; however, their quality and overall appearance
usually leave a lot to be desired.

Having realized that, designer Seta Yandieva united a team of co-thinkers under the YAND brand looking to create impeccable dresses suitable for prayer and agreeable with Islamic standards, which would, at least in some way,
reflect the adoration of God that all Muslim women share.

Кружевная накидка "Аида"

95 000p


Solstiss lace



45 000p




+ Ещё


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Immaculate stitches, closed seams, suitable backing

Each YAND dress is hand-sewn from high-grade French materials, since it is the most important dress for any Muslim woman. Silk is smooth to the skin, doesn’t hamper movements or crumple – all that makes the prayer dress not only look fit to its purpose, but also lets the woman focus on the communication with God. Water-thin lacework delicately highlights the key points of the exquisite design.

«Perfection is the watchword of the YAND team: products under the YAND brand are unbeatable both on the outside and on the inside»
— Seta Yandieva, YAND brand founder

Give blessing. Give YAND.

We are particularly proud of YAND packaging. What we offer is not just a package. It is a magnificent box designed to bring joy to its owner and her loved ones. The principle of being perfect in all things guided us when we carefully selected appropriate materials to create this outstanding package.

Each dress box is made out of soft touch paper with a laser engraved YAND logo. Magnetic lid and several layers of wrapping paper serve to preserve your precious dress.

We were no less thoughtful when choosing a shape for the box. It was exclusively designed in accordance with the world standards of haute couture.

A neat durable YAND paper bag serves as a finishing touch for a perfect gift. The package is designed in classic YAND colors – red and black.

Give blessing. Give YAND.

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