YAND (Your Amazing Namaz Dress) is a new St. Petersburg-based brand established by Seta Yandieva in 2015.

The designer and her team focused all their effort, skill and craftsmanship on the creation of the most important dress in the life of any Muslim woman - the namaz dress.

Namaz is one of the most important religious behests in Islam. According to the Quran, namaz dresses must completely cover the body, leaving only the face and hands naked. Prayer dresses can be found in halal shops and mosques; however, their quality and overall appearance usually leave a lot to be desired.

Having realized that, designer Seta Yandieva united a team of co-thinkers under the YAND brand looking to create impeccable dresses suitable for prayer and agreeable with Islamic standards, which would, at least in some way, reflect the adoration of God that all Muslim women share.

Before establishing her own studio, Seta graduated from a specialized college and worked in several tailor workshops. In 2000, the designer finally made her dream of creating clothes under her own brand come true.

Products under the YAND brand are perfect both on the outside and on the inside. Each YAND dress is hand-sewn from high grade materials, since it is the most important dress for any Muslim woman.

Silk is smooth to the skin, doesn’t hamper movements or crumple – all that makes the prayer dress not only look fit to its purpose, but also lets the woman focus on the communication with God.

For those who want an exclusive namaz dress, the brand offers designs based on individual sketches. A unique dress for the main event in the life of any Muslim woman can be created with bugle, beads, gems, and the craftsmanship of the YAND team.

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