There are plenty of stereotypes in today’s world. They have to do with specific people, different nations and all religions, including Islam.

We derive new information from TV, the Internet and radio. Sadly, what we get to know are negative events related to our religion.

And this is one of the reasons why we have created YAND – we aspire to show the beauty of Islam!

We also would like to set a positive example for our fellow Muslims by inspiring them to express the radiance of our common religion through their professional achievements.

Together we can help our fellow human beings to understand that Islam spreads goodness and love.

«We want Islam to be associated with beauty, goodness, generosity and charity.»

It should be noted that our project has a socially significant message at its core. Today’s anti-Islamic stereotypes are for the most part shaped by mass media. They twist and misinterpret our religion, while our work is aimed to show purity of Islam through the beauty of YAND dresses. We put our heart and soul into this pursuit to get across one message: Islam is a religion of goodness.

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