What kind of clothes and accessories are permissible for a woman in Islam?

We must choose relaxed fit non-transparent prayer clothes. It is permissible to decorate the clothes without crossing the line of appropriate. For instance, wearing a pure-gold dress or a dress completely covered in diamonds is outrageous.

It is haram for men to wear clothing that is made of pure silk; that is why we use other fabrics such as crepe and cotton for men’s garments.

Muslims must wear clean and neat clothes to provide a good example for their fellow human beings. This is the Order of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings to him.

Is it possible for a Russian woman to wear YAND?

We are glad that many Russian women appreciate our work and, most notably, support our brand mission. Beauty will save the world! We design namaz dresses, but every woman can decide for herself what occasion to wear them for.

Some of our clients confessed that after purchasing a YAND dress they wore it for a different important event. It is crucial that YAND dress makes its owner feel both beautiful and spiritual. 

The quality of YAND dresses is unbeatable to the last stitch. This thought tingles through the soul and brings forth spirituality, because if you stand before Allah in such a dress it means that you revere Him even more. Some non-Muslim women also wish to order YAND just to have such an impeccable dress in their wardrobe. And we are happy to provide dresses for everyone.

We offer so much more than simply namaz dresses and mats: we propose to purchase a perfect gift in a magnificent box with a name of its future owner written on it. YAND creates flawless dresses and delivers them in perfect boxes, designed in accordance with the world standards of haute couture.

Every detail is significant to us, including the choice of wrapping paper, as well as shape and color of box and bag. We appreciate the fact that our clients recognize our efforts. 

Every YAND dress comes with a little heart-shaped pendant with an engraved name of its owner on it. Those who purchase YAND dress for themselves and their loved ones grant blessing with it. Our slogan – Give blessing. Give YAND – represents this idea.

Such a present is capable of giving blessing to a giver himself, as it is a dress in which a woman prays five times every day. Moreover, a percentage of every sale goes to charity.

How do you create your dresses? What fabrics do you use? Do they require special garment care?

We only use 100% natural fabrics - pure silk, jersey, viscose, crepe, Italian and French cotton, corded lace, and famous French Solstiss lace. YAND dresses do not require special garment care, just try to be a considerate wearer.

What designs of YAND dresses do you offer?

To read more about our basic models and relic dresses please refer to “Catalogue” and “Designer dresses” sections of our website.

How do you select colors for YAND dresses? Do they carry special cultural meaning and symbolism? Do you make sacred ornaments on YAND dresses?

Colors of dress and materials are chosen by the customer; they do not carry any special cultural meaning. If it is a dowry dress, it is usually made in pastel shades, while darker shades are more common for everyday wear.

There are no ornaments on dresses from basic collection at the moment. In the long run we are considering designing such dresses, but their ornaments will not bear any sacred meaning.

How do I determine my YAND dress size?

All YAND dresses are one-size, comfortably fit between European 34 to 52 (approx.UK 6 to 24; US 2 to 20).  If you have specific requests about the dress length, we will discuss it separately. 

Is there an option of buying YAND in an offline outlet?

Currently we only have an online outlet, but we are working on opening YAND boutiques all around the world.

Can I be sure that my YAND dress is unique and state-of-the-art?

Yes, each YAND dress is custom-made. 

What payment method do you accept?

We accept direct deposit into our bank account as well as most of debit and credit card transactions. 

Do you ship to other countries?

Yes, we do ship to countries all around the world.

How do you estimate the price for an exclusive dress?

The price depends on fabrics and materials you are willing to select. 

How long does it take to create an exclusive YAND dress?

It takes us from 1 to 3 months to create such a dress. First we develop a design to fit your specific and individual needs; then we select fabrics and trim, review details and move on to sewing your YAND dress.

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