Note of the brand founder Seta Yandieva

«I’ d like to tell you a wonderful story about how I came up with the idea of creating perfect dresses that play a key role in the life of every Muslim woman»

It was a day like any other, when something changed inside me. I suddenly took a detached view of myself while praying, and the thoughts sparked in my mind, burning me down to the very soul. It’s common knowledge that a Muslim woman must pray in a high-necked dress, and that’s what namaz dresses are specifically designed for. However, my prayer dress was a ragged piece of cloth, stitched carelessly, not even by myself. God knows its appearance disagreed with the joy and love flowing through my soul!

I finished the prayer, but couldn’t get the thoughts out of my head, hectic and crystal-clear at the same time. On that day, I realized that I’m performing the most important ritual of my life – namaz – dressed in plain, almost shabby clothes, while for public appearances I choose the most exquisite, expensive dresses. It was like hearing a voice inside my head saying:

«God made the world full of beauty and harmony. He made the woman to represent this beauty. He made you a woman, gave you able hands and creative talent»

I instantly recalled my numerous clients, who ordered dresses for public appearances so reverently and enthusiastically. Not a single one of them asked me to make a dress for their most important ritual - namaz! From that moment on, I knew I only wanted to make prayer dresses.

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