Exclusive dresses

Each YAND dress is a one of a kind custom-tailored relic. Designing such a dress, selecting appropriate fabric and decorating it may take up to three months. Only for the result to exceed your expectations: YAND dresses look truly festive and they are worthy of becoming heirlooms.

Traditional values

We were encouraged to create YAND dresses for them to serve as vehicles for maintaining family traditions. Our fundamental idea is that a YAND dress, descending from mother to daughter, will transfuse wisdom of generations and family values as well as inspire to preserve purity of soul and thoughts. That is why on a sleeve of each YAND dress there is a little heart-shaped pendant with an engraved name of its owner. New names shall appear on the dress over the course of time. Such a dress can be proudly given as a part of a bride’s dowry. Together we work to create a singular model of a dress, a cherished relic that will hold dear memories and retain peace and harmony in your family.

Fabrics and techniques

We utilize dressmaking techniques that date back to the Ottoman Empire. Gold and silver thread is employed to embroider YAND dresses with beads, gems and semiprecious stones. Each button is handmade. This is the way our ancestors created their clothes since the year dot. At the consumer age of high speed natural fabrics are hardly ever used. While we venerate traditions and make YAND dresses in pure silk, taffeta, satin, crepe and brocade. 100% natural is our minimal target. Each and every YAND dress is handmade. All mechanical operations are out of question.

An impeccable dress for a special day

YAND dresses are designed for that special day when a major event occurs in a life of a woman. Our presumption is that a unique dress offers its wearer an extra inspiration to perform namaz.

The faith that dwells in every Muslim’s heart proclaims that we should sincerely follow the Canons of Islam. We all know how the pace of modern life influences our ability to fully obey the tenets of Islam. It is not that easy nowadays. That is why we have created splendid dresses, emphasizing their beauty. This is our way of attaching priority importance to a singular moment of communication with Allah.

The goals we set for ourselves require great responsibility. With this in mind we only trust those who share our values and strive for excellence to help us create YAND dresses.

Our seamstress are trusted professionals that follow a longstanding tradition of craftsmanship. Their accurate stitches and immaculate fabric treatment unveil perfection and expertise that only comes with time and effort to those who devote their lives to creation.

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